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* Chroma conversions
* Chroma conversions
* Transform filter
* Transform filter
=== OPUS ===
Add a OPUS encoder wrapper.
=== Add RTP with FEC ===
=== Add RTP with FEC ===

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This is a Work In Progress. It is NOT a definitive list, nor are the prices!


One must contact us before starting a bounty.

Sending a reasonable patch on a public mailing-list gives a temporary lock for the task.


The bounties are paid to a legal entity that can create an invoice. It can be done by an independent worker too.

Money is paid by the VideoLAN non-profit organization in Euros.

Money is paid on code merge in the relevant project.

Join our effort

If you feel like adding some money to a special bounty, please Contact us.

List of bounties

VLC bugs


Audio Loopback for Mac

300 € To record the desktop sounds.

  • It also requires to check that all input are using mdate()-based PTS

Audio Loopback for Windows

300 € To record the desktop sounds.

  • It also requires to check that all input are using mdate()-based PTS

UI for better screencasting

200 € See #4535 and #5988.

HTTP/AVI seeking

500 € VLC behaves poorly with AVI over http connections. MPlayer does it way better.

See #2151

NB: A separate bounty of a similar amount can be made for MP4 over HTTP: #7186

RTSP/UDP issue

2000 € Fix the RTSP output so that the UDP transfers work across client NATs (android clients). This will require interleaving support.

VLC Features

libVLC API for filters

1000 € This task consist on doing a correct set of libVLC API for audio filters and video filters.

This should include equalizer configuration.

This would be useful for phonon, tomahawk and other libVLC application.

libVLC API for sout and smem

2000 € Create a libVLC API to be able to use smem. This will include a libVLC API for sout.

libVLC API for imem

200 € Create a libVLC API for imem to map to a libvlc_media_t object, in order to use it like the rest of libVLC.

Local resampling

1500 € Stop resampling the audio when playing local files.

RTP packetization

Each item: 200 € Do the packetization of ONE of those items:

  • Opus
  • VP8
  • WMA
  • WMV
  • VC-1
  • JPEG
  • GSM
  • Raw video for I420 and RGB24

See #1289, #1323, and #6505.

libVLCcore SD API and Upnp

800 € The Upnp SD is very slow because it needs to fetch recusively all nodes. This needs to change.

This task will likely need a change of API for the Service Discoveries.

See #4437.

DVB scanning

1000 € In order to compete with TV software, we need some DVB scanning, working on one platform using the DTV module.

See #7248.

See http://nate.dynalias.net/dev/scanchannelsbda.rails and http://nate.deepcreek.org.au/svn/ScanChannelsBDA/trunk/

DVB Scanning²

300 € Extending the DVB scan to another platform than the main one.

HDMI pass-through

2000 € Notably for other codecs than the ones we have over S/PDIF.

We need:

  • DTS, AC/3 over HDMI?
  • DTS extensions over HDMI, notably DTS HD MA
  • E-AC3
  • MPGA
  • Dolby TrueHD

The price is for all of those?

See #4940 and other.

Preferences for LUA extensions

2500 € Be able to add preferences for LUA extensions.

Downloader for LUA extensions from addons.v.o

1000 € See libattica.

Auto-Rotation of the screen

2000 € As many MP4 videos and JPEG files we need to rotate those when we detect it.

So far, the demuxer has the info, but that is it.

We should ask the vout if it can transform (OpenGL) else load the right transform filter.

See #2882.

ARM optimizations

ARM optimisation for core and important filters. This is TBD.


  • Audio conversions
  • Chroma conversions
  • Transform filter

Add RTP with FEC

2000 € Input and output modules (SMPTE 2022).

Smooth Streaming output

1000 € Write a VLC Smooth Streaming output module

Libavcodec bugs

VC-1 interlaced

1000 € Fix VC-1 interlaced and adding missing B-frames support in libavcodec. See #5887.

Libavcodec features


1000 € Add a G2M2/G2M3/G2M4 Decoder in libavcodec. See #2327.


500 € Add a VoxWare MetaSound Decoder in libavcodec.

DTS-HD Master Audio

3000 € Add a DTS-HD Master Audio Decoder.

This can be either in libavcodec or in libdca, but it must work in VLC in the end, including 8 channels. This is probably the XLL extension to code.


? € Add a native AAC encoder matching the quality of existing implementations by Apple (QuickTime) or Nero (libfaac). Adding support for more channels than just 2.0 is supposed to be covered by an additional bounty.

Fallback on multi-threaded decoding if hardware decoding fails

1000 € At present, libavcodec will fall back on single-threaded decoding if hardware decoding is enabled and fails during its initialization due to unsupported pixel formats, profiles, etc.. Add support to fallback on multi-threaded decoding if supported by the respective codec.


2000 € Work on libbdplus to play BD+ BD in libbluray.

Past bounties

AC-3 Volume

1000 €

Fix correctly the AC-3 volume issue. See #3994.

The issue can come from a mis-integration with liba52, or could come from some channels being wrongly discarded.

This must work on Windows.

Bug -mt on Mpeg-4 video

500 € Fix the Mpeg-4 resolution change for -mt in libavcodec. See #6579 and #6533.

Bug -mt on H.264 video

500 € Fix the H.264 resolution change for -mt in libavcodec. See #7306.

Support OGG length calculation

??? € See #6983.


1000 € Add a MSS2 Decoder in libavcodec. See #750.