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Keyboard Shortcuts

Shortcuts discovered so far:

  • Space: Pause
  • Up/Down: Previous/next file in directory
  • Others? Developer input would be appreciated here, as they are not documented

Recommended Shortcuts (for next version):


Up: Volume up Down: Volume down Left: Seek backward Right: Seek forward Alt-A :Always On Top Z, X, C, V, B: Prev, Play, Pause, Stop, Next P: Capture frame - original image size Shift+P: Capture frame - "What you see" Ctrl+M: Mute Ctrl+J: Jump to time Plus/Minus: Resize movie window or mouse wheel Zoom in/out: movie in full screen mode H: Show/Hide main window


Mouse wheel: Resize movie window in windowed mode Volume control in full screen mode Left button: Pause/Resume movie Right button: Menu (Sticky) Left button+wheel: Volume control in windowed mode Middle button: Show/Hide main window

Taken from a by Diver