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This page is obsolete and kept only for historical interest. It may document features that are obsolete, superseded, or irrelevant. Do not rely on the information here being up-to-date.

Various stuff to do on the servers to improve services or reliability

  • upgrade Albiero and Sirius to Lenny jb 20:48, 15 May 2009 (CEST)
    • Need a reboot to change kernel => beware of eth0 vanishing
    • Need physical access ?
  • Hardware
    • Switch gigabit between the eth1 of ganesh, albiero and sirius
    • way to get albiero and sirius console from ganesh
    • way to have ganesh console on albiero (iLO *does* fail)
  • Database
    • move them all to albiero (done for trac-vlc jb 20:48, 15 May 2009 (CEST))jb 13:04, 22 May 2009 (UTC)
    • move them all to pg 8.3 (requires lenny). jb 20:48, 15 May 2009 (CEST)
    • do we need/can have a fall back if albiero is down ?
  • Web
    • optimize pg request
    • make sure the web work even if the databases are down
      • important for fastcgi (maybe tweak various time-out)
      • avoid ugly error on apache
    • mirroring/reverse-proxying/round-robining
      • i think sirius is missing some crontab to get the svn and generate certain filesxtophe
      • need to create dns entries for {www,images,download}{1,2,3,..} and matching vhost
    • for when sh**t happens:
      • prepare "maintenance" pages for www, trac, wiki, forum
      • prepare simplified pages with only a few links
  • Mail
    • create an admin ml. Done jb
    • make sure the cron send to admin@ if and only if something bad happened
  • Trac
    • install openid plugin (if it still allow to use normal auth)
    • send and parse commit log to ganesh
    • reactivate all the trac
    • trac2 on sirius/albiero
  • Forum, wiki
    • forum2, wiki2 on ganesh/albiero
  • Monitoring
    • Extract health information for disks on ganesh, albiero, skanda, sirius
      • on albiero and sirius it will help when they are in lenny