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Embedding Activex using Javascript

You can insert the ActiveX control in your HTML pages like this :

 <OBJECT classid="clsid:E23FE9C6-778E-49D4-B537-38FCDE4887D8"
       width="640" height="480" id="vlc" events="True">
 <param name="Src" value="" />
 <param name="ShowDisplay" value="True" />
 <param name="AutoLoop" value="False" />
 <param name="AutoPlay" value="False" />

Then, using Javascript, you can select another source, or change the audio track :

 var options=[":audio-track=5"]; // select audio track 5 (=6th, 1st is 0)
 document.vlc.addTarget("...",options,2,0); // replace entry 0;

Embedding ActiveX using m3u Playlists

Maybe a better to show VLC in an HTML Website is to use m3u Playlists. It has got the advantage that users with turned-off Javascript can also use this plugin, since document.vlc.addTarget won't work with javascript turned off.

  • Step 1: Create the HTML website with the VLC-Object linked to the m3u playlist
  • Step 2: Create your m3u playlist with all options, save and upload it to your webspace.
  • Step 3 (optional): Create buttons and other objects to control VLC (like;)

Step 1: Creating the website to embed ActiveX Control

<!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Frameset//EN" "">


You should modify the values of width, height and volume (0-100) fitting to your desires. If you don't know them, simply delete them (e.g. remove width="640" from the code).

Step 2: Creating the m3u playlist

Open Notepad, create your playlist and save it as 'myplaylist.m3u' for this example.

#EXTM3U                                     // Required to identify this file as m3u file
#EXTVLCOPT--input-repeat=-1                 // repeat the following file/playlist
#EXTVLCOPT--http-reconnect=true             // required for a streaming-client to enable repeat
#EXTVLCOPT--any further parameter goes here // see also VLC command-line help
#EXTINF:0, Test Description                 // set the title for the following file shown in your playlist
video.mpg                                // the actual file to be displayed


  • For actual looping of the entire playlist, the user has to have check 'Repeat all' under Preferences --> Playlist --> General
  • Mind that options have different names if you play a file locally or if you want to stream it (--sub-filter --> --s-filter)

Mind the different Options-styles:

 --option  A global option that is set for the duration of the program.
  -option  A single letter version of a global --option.
  :option  An option that only applies to the playlistitem directly before it
           and that overrides previous settings.

See also

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