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|modules/gui/macosx||BigBen || xtophe || Done
|modules/gui/macosx||BigBen || xtophe || Done
|modules/gui/wxwidgets|| zorglub|| || 1st review
|modules/gui/wxwidgets|| zorglub|| steven|| Done
|modules/video*|| zorglub|| fkuehne|| Done
|modules/video*|| zorglub|| fkuehne|| Done

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This page is the central coordination point of the 0.8.5 Strings review campaign

People interested

People who are not developers are welcomed.

Work division

Choose a part of the code if you want. Don't put yourself on part you know by heart as you won't see the errors.

Module First reviewer Second reviewer Current status
modules/access* zorglub Xtophe Done
modules/demux zorglub Xtophe Done
modules/codec xtophe zorglub Done
modules/mux fkuehne zorglub Done
modules/stream_out xtophe zorglub Done
modules/packetizer fkuehne zorglub Done
modules/audio* zorglub fkuehne Done
modules/control/rc.c dionoea zorglub Done
modules/control/telnet.c zorglub fkuehne Done
modules/control/... dionoea zorglub Done
modules/gui/skins2 zorglub 1st review
modules/gui/macosx BigBen xtophe Done
modules/gui/wxwidgets zorglub steven Done
modules/video* zorglub fkuehne Done
modules/services_discovery xtophe zorglub Done
modules/visualization xtophe zorglub Done
modules/misc zorglub xtophe Done
src/libvlc.h zorglub dionoea Done
src/... zorglub fkuehne Done
include/vlc_config_cat.h fkuehne zorglub Done
include/... zorglub xtophe Done
mozilla zorglub xtophe Done
activex Tonsofpcs