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Module: v4l
Type Access demux
First VLC version -
Last VLC version 1.1.13
Operating system(s) Linux
Description Video 4 Linux input
Shortcut(s) -

Help Output

Each of these options can be used as commandline flags individually as shown below or as such: v4l:///dev/video:norm=secam:frequency=543250:size=640x480:channel=0:adev=/dev/dsp:audio=0 where you can see that /dev/video refers to vdev, and the rest line up with the flags below less the prefix --v4l-.

Video4Linux input (v4l)

     --v4l-caching <integer>    Caching value in ms
         Caching value for V4L captures. This value should be set in milliseconds.
     --v4l-vdev <string>        Video device name
         Name of the video device to use. If you don't specify anything, no video device will be used.
     --v4l-adev <string>        Audio device name
         Name of the audio device to use. If you don't specify anything, no audio device will be used.
     --v4l-chroma <string>      Video input chroma format
         Force the Video4Linux video device to use a specific chroma format (eg. I420 (default), RV24, etc.)
     --v4l-fps <float>          Framerate
         Framerate to capture, if applicable (-1 for autodetect).
     --v4l-samplerate <integer> Samplerate
         Samplerate of the captured audio stream, in Hz (eg: 11025, 22050, 44100)
     --v4l-channel <integer>    Channel
         Channel of the card to use (Usually, 0 = tuner, 1 = composite, 2 = svideo).
     --v4l-tuner <integer>      Tuner
         Tuner to use, if there are several ones.
     --v4l-norm {3 (Automatic), 2 (SECAM), 0 (PAL), 1 (NTSC)}
         Norm of the stream (Automatic, SECAM, PAL, or NTSC).
     --v4l-frequency <integer>  Frequency
         Frequency to capture (in kHz), if applicable.
     --v4l-audio <integer>      Audio Channel
         Audio Channel to use, if there are several audio inputs.
     --v4l-stereo, --no-v4l-stereo
                                Stereo (default enabled)
         Capture the audio stream in stereo. (default enabled)
     --v4l-width <integer>      Width
         Width of the stream to capture (-1 for autodetect).
     --v4l-height <integer>     Height
         Height of the stream to capture (-1 for autodetect).
     --v4l-brightness <integer> Brightness
         Brightness of the video input.
     --v4l-colour <integer>     Color
         Color of the video input.
     --v4l-hue <integer>        Hue
         Hue of the video input.
     --v4l-contrast <integer>   Contrast
         Contrast of the video input.
     --v4l-mjpeg, --no-v4l-mjpeg
                                MJPEG (default disabled)
         Set this option if the capture device outputs MJPEG (default disabled)
     --v4l-decimation <integer> Decimation
         Decimation level for MJPEG streams
     --v4l-quality <integer>    Quality
         Quality of the stream.