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Video displays first frames and black/grey only

This is the symptom of a slow decoding, and this is especially the case with high bitrate H264 or HEVC.

If you're using VLC < 3.0, you need turn on hardware acceleration. Preferences -> Input Codecs -> Hardware Acceleration.

Is your Graphic card able to accelerate decoding ?

For 4K H264

  • Quick Sync 4 (Intel Broadwell ~)
  • PureVideo HD 5 cards (Nvidia GT 520 ~)
  • UVD 5.0 cards (AMD Radeon R9 ~)


  • Quick Sync 5 (Intel Skylake ~)
  • PureVideo HD 7 cards (Nvidia GTX 950 ~, or GTX 750 SE)
  • UVD 6.0 cards (AMD Radeon Rx300 ~)

For HEVC 10bit

  • Quick Sync 6 (Intel Kaby Lake ~)
  • PureVideo HD 7 cards (Nvidia GTX 950 ~, or GTX 750 SE)
  • UVD 6.0 Fiji/Carrizo cards (AMD Radeon Rx400 ~)

All information per chip

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