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Here you can find my VLC related notes and ideas. It's primarily for me so that I don't forget things. ;D

Deutsche Übersetzung

Media Kontextmenü:

  • "Wiedergabe mit VLC" => "Mit VLC wiedergeben"
  • "Zur VLC's Wiedergabeliste hinzufügen" => "Zu VLC-Wiedergabeliste hinzufügen"


  • Extras->"Vollbildsteuerung" => "Vollbild" (wie Firefox)
  • Medien->"Advanced open file" => "" (NICHT ÜBERSETZT)

In Goldeneye:

  • "Systray-Icon" => "Kontrolleisten-Icon anzeigen" (Pidgin)
  • "Audio aktivieren" => "Audioausgabe aktivieren"
  • "Video aktivieren" => "Videoausgabe aktivieren"
  • "Vollbild" (Im einfachen Modus; "Vollbildausgabe" im Alle-Modus) => "Im Vollbildmodus starten"
  • "Beschleunigte Videoausgabe (Overlay)" (im einfachen Modus; "Videoausgabe überlagern" im Alle-Modus) => "Videoausgabe beschleunigen (Overlay benutzen)"



  • Extras->"Media info", Extras->"Codec info"
    • Duplicate functionality: First one already allows for switching to second one [DUP]
  • Media->"Open file", Media->"Advanced open file"
    • Duplicate functionality: Second one always opens as file selection dialogue, which is exactly what the first one provides [DUP]


  • Think about applying for SoC 2008. Fullscreen Controller looks tasty! Gone! Resort to wiki editing :-(
  • Read C++ Primer Bad choice; read TC++PL instead
  • Get and read C++ GUI Programming with Qt 4
    • Ha! Free version here.

Fullscreen controller polishing

Style the fullscreen controller with Qt Style Sheet to make it look more like the one on OS X.

  • Supports:
    • Round corners
    • Transparency (specify background-color as a rgba color)
    • More things to ponder on?

Alternative: Use a pie menu!

Improve translation process

Get in touch with the polish translators what the heck Pootle is good for. [DONE!]

Nice, but Problem is that you can't export to one file without help from the admin.

Is this still the case? --materthron 17:58, 4 January 2009 (CET)

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