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My name is Philipp Weissenbacher, I'm a third semester cs student at the University of Vienna. My primary field of interest is HCI and i18n and to a lesser extent more technical things like coding.

I've joined the VideoLAN project like 2 years ago, but haven't been very active. I've been helping Felix Kühne with the German translation and I'm trying to improve the wiki in as many ways I can. Although still being a C++ newbie, I'm looking forward to contribute to VLC media player itself soon (especially to it's brand new Qt Interface to which I'm also fairly new). From time to time I'm getting the latest nighties to see if everything (still) works fine on Windows. See my contributions if you're more curious.

See my Notes and Ideas.

Getting in touch

Email me at materthron ÄT users DOT sourceforge DOT net.