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See also: Help:Templates, Category:Templates, Sandbox (testing) area, and Full list of templates


Name Description
{{Clear}} If there are elements (e.g. wikipedia box) to the left or right of the page, this will place text under those, rather than beside it. Accepts one optional argument (left or right) to clear a single side.
{{Lowercase}} If the initial letter of article title should be lowercase (e.g. libdvbpsi) add this to the top of the article.
{{Anchoring space}} Adds space for anchoring along with the associated message "This space is left blank to make anchoring work correctly".

Interwiki links

Name Description
{{Mmwiki}} Box to Multimedia Wiki
{{Website}} Box to official website
{{Wikipedia}} Box to Wikipedia:
{{Xiph}} Box to Xiph Wiki
{{Open}} Marks free open source projects

Links to VLC project

Name Description
{{Bug}} Link to a bug
{{Doc}} Link to documentation
{{Faqlink}} Link to FAQs Does not work anymore - is down
{{Forum}} Link to forum thread
{{VLCSourceFile}} Link to source code file
{{File}} Link to source code file and add a bullet
{{VLCSourceFolder}} Link to source code folder
{{Commit}} Link to commit
{{Commitdiff}} Link to commit with diff


Name Description
{{Check}} Adds [Please check] and adds to Category:Pages to check
{{Dead link}} Adds [dead link] and adds to Category:Pages with broken links
{{Delete}} Places a page in Category:Delete for deletion.
{{Historical}} Tags obsolete pages as being for historical purposes only.
{{Outdated}} Tags outdated pages and adds to Category:Outdated pages
{{Merge}} Request for a page merge.
{{Stub}} Is a stub. Adds to Category:Stubs
{{Compat}} Is a compatibility stub. Adds to Category:CompatStub
{{Image requested}} Tags page and adds to Category:Requested images

Page type banners

Name Description
{{Documentation footer}} Marks as being from the official documentation
{{VSG}} Marks as part of the VLC Support Guide pages
{{Howto}} Marks as part of the how to pages
{{Mux}} Marks as a container.
{{Codec audio}} Marks as an audio codec.
{{Codec video}} Marks as a video codec.
{{Protocol}} Marks as an access module (http, cdda, etc).
{{Top box}} A box with a square and a bit for text, used for {{mux}}, etc.
{{example code}} Page is example code

Yes and no

Test status

Name Description
{{Yes}} Yes
{{No}} No
{{n/a}} n/a
{{Ok}} Ok / Upgradable
{{Partial}} Partial
{{Middle}} Middle
{{Untested}} untested ???
{{Up-to-date}} Up-to-date


Name Description
{{Needed}} X
{{UnNeeded}} -


Name Description
{{Module}} Module info box
{{Option}} Module option


Name Description
{{Navbox}} The classic navigational box used to create navigational aids in the wiki.
{{Languages}} Navigation box for translations of this wiki. Please read the associated documentation before using!
{{Compat}} Asks for compatibility information, e.g. for hardware.
{{Tl}} For templates, does the groovy {{tl}} thing.
{{VLC}} Expands to VLC media player.
{{VLC icon}} Expands to the VLC icon LargeVLC.png.
{{VLC:latest version}} Expands to VLC latest version. Currently 3.0.12
{{Checkmark}} Expands to a checkmark Yes
{{Done}} Expands to the text Yes Done
{{Prompt}} Flexible template that displays console prompts
{{$}} Expands to $. Quicker to type than {{Prompt|$}}
{{%}} Expands to %. Quicker to type than {{Prompt|%}}
{{!}} Expands to the vertical bar for use inside templates
{{GPL notice}} GPL notice ("Permission is granted to...")
{{CVE}} Link to a CVE.
{{US-CERT}} Link to a US-CERT Vulnerability Notice.
{{VideoLAN-SA}} Link to a VideoLAN Security Advisory.
{{-*}} Expands to →