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My love of the VLC UI, is gone?

The first impression was devastating for me going from 0.8.x to this 0.9.2,

  • The dialogs, in the Open-dialog I can't even type in samba-servers like \\\ and browse them - vlc will try to open "\\" as a FILE.
  • Where can I disable some of the things like - that interface down at the bottom on fullscreen? Perhaps we want fullscreen right away when we click fullscreen , I really would like an option
    • I am putting the y-value to -1000, perhaps it helps

Maybe I am just ranting for no good reason here at the wiki, should I head out on a trac-system and shout loud there?

The UI of VLC has always been such a fan for a computer nerd like me, speed, what I want, when I want it - these sort of things seems gone.

--Fat64 04:38, 15 September 2008 (CEST)