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Can anyone explain further, please?!

"Currently, VLC can only play the audio on some .rm files." - Can anyone elaborate on exactly which .rm files VLC will play? Can it handle .ram files? Thanks!

VLC supports .rm/.ram in 2 ways. If you use Windows and have RealPlayer installed, VLC will try to use RealPlayer's DLLs to play the file. Otherwise, it will use ffmpeg to decode these files (which is included in vlc unless you compiled it yourself). From source code comments and ffmpeg's website, vlc appears to support "RealVideo 1.0 / 1.3 / 2.0", and "RealAudio 1.0".
As far as I can tell, the way the system works is that a website publishes a .ram file, which is actually a text file containing an internet address. RealPlayer then opens this address, which is to the actual file, which is usually accessed over an RTSP connection. If VLC can't play the file, it's usually because it doesn't understand the latest RTSP commands.
If you can't open the .ram file, try editing it in notepad and copy-and-pasting the link into VLC's open box. If you want to know exactly what versions are supported, you should get a better answer at the forum, which more people keep an eye on.
--H2g2bob 19:03, 7 February 2006 (CET)