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Choice between H.264 and MPG4v unclear

The choice between H.264 and MPG4v should be made clearer. The difference should be explained and used consistently. Different sections switch between them, probably just historical, but it's confusing to the first time reader. Most people just want to know "what's best", which isn't obvious, so we should say that, use one consistently and describe how to use the other one.


I am having troubles with the conversion. I have an ipod nano 4th gen but when i finished the rip, i draged it into my ipod but when i turned my ipod on, it wasnt there. Can some one help me?

The wiki is not the right place for such question. Please open a topic on the forum. --Thannoy 08:05, 25 June 2009 (UTC)


In Windows-Script I had to replace url=%outfile% with dst=%outfile% and maybe vlc:quit with vlc://quit I was using VLC 1.0.2

GUI instructions don't work on Mac OS X (VLC 1.1.x)

"Stream output MRL Target:" is not available in the GUI on Mac OS X. Additionally, the command-line variant does not work because, at least for the binary at "", it attempts to stick the current working directory on the front of the :sout parameter, then falls over when that's not a real filename.