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SubViewer is a file format for storing subtitles. A friend of the SubViewer creator developed SubRip to extract subtitles from DVDs, so the formats are similar. Like SubRip, blank lines separate frames. It may have the file extension .sub.


SubViewer 1

A sample SubViewer document may look like;

[INFORMATION] <-- beginning of optional info section, closing tag required
[TITLE] Title of film.
[AUTHOR] Author of film.
[SOURCE] Arbitrary text
[FILEPATH] Arbitrary text
[DELAY]    (time in frames to delay all subtitles
[COMMENT]  Arbitrary text
[SUBTITLE]   <-- beginning of subtitle section, no closing tag required.
[COLF]&HFFFFFF,[SIZE]12,[FONT]Times New Roman
Oh, no.
The eggs are hatching!

No, never mind, I was hallucinating.

SubViewer 2

In SubViewer 2.0 format, the whole subtitle is written on one line, with line breaks indicated by [br], as follows:

Oh, no.[br]The eggs are hatching!


Divxstation article by Stachken