SoC 2011/VLC OpenAL Integration

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This project is part of Google Summer of Code 2011.
Student: Shaurav garg
Mentor: thresh


This project will entail creating a few library functions which can be used to create several 3D Audio effects including stereo widening, surround sound, sound localization etc. The project will make use of simple signal processing techniques along with a free open source library called OpenAL.


This section will be updated after every milestone

Status Deadline Description
May 27
Finish setting up environment and repository
In Progress
June 13
Stereo Widening


The schedule is preliminary

Status Date Period Description
  To Be Done
  May 27 - Jun 13
  week 1
Finish basic integration and stereo widening effect



To test/use code

            $ git clone repository_url/repository_name
            $ cd vlc
            $ git checkout repository_name
            $ ./configure --enable-openal
            $ make

Contact Info

Please do not hesitate to share your suggestions. shauravg at gmail dot com