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VLC can decode this container.
The module name to use at the command line is real, but you can also use rm.

RealMedia is a type of file designed by RealNetworks, and can be played with the proprietary RealPlayer. RealPlayer is available for Windows, macOS and Linux. Additionally, Helix Player may be able to play some files, but it lacks the proprietary codecs in some realmedia files.

RealMedia files are normally streamed over RTSP connections.

RealAlternative installs, and allows RealMedia files to be played in Media Player Classic.

Accepted codecs

  • rv: RealVideo
  • ra: MPEG-4 audio
  • a52, dnet: A/52 audio
  • cook: Cook audio codec
  • 28_8: 28.8 audio codec
  • sipr, RealAudio 4/5 (name is from Sipro Lab Telecom ACELP-NET)


Currently, VLC media player should be able to play most audio and video of .rm, .rmvb files.

Sipr is supported through libavcodec (Search for sipr in either of these files: [1][2]. It is not mentioned in NEWS)

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