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New playlist and sources proposal

The current playlist is a mix between 'playlists', list of playable elements (in the M3U way) and list of elements by source. Too many concurrent subplaylist or playlist like ("Advanced open file") This is confusing, and does not match the "playlist" definition.

  • split the current playlist in 2 components: "The Playlist" (M3U way) and "The sources"
  • The playlist just becomes the interface for loading/managing/exporting URI lists (M3U), or subplaylists
  • The sources list is the current playlist window without the "M3U" part
  • The sources list has drag & drop & buttons to add URI to the M3U playlist

By extension:

  • We drop the current open file/open DVD/capture interface. We replace it by the sources, and create new sources accordingly.
  • The open file/dvd menus dissapear and is replaced by "open source/media"
  • Each configuration menu is backported into the sources interface (see schema) split with Qtoolbox like widget.
  • Ideally, each widget is redefined as a qtcreator xml widget.

new sources interface Newinterface3.jpg

new playlist interface Newplaylist.jpg

Merged playlist Mergedplaylist.jpg

Prior requirements

  • Make sure that every playlist element is reacheable by URI.
  • Media listings must me read on selection (DVD, CD, ...)