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VLC media player has basic support for mouse gestures.


To activate this feature, go to Preferences > All > Interface > Control Interfaces and check "Mouse gestures control interface". Then restart VLC.

Alternatively you can add "gestures" to the extraintf list (like this "vlc --extraintf gestures" ) when starting VLC from the command line, or manually write "gestures" in the "extra interface modules" field in the configuration window.


You can select which button you want to hold down while using the gestures in the preferences panel (Control Interfaces > Gestures).

The following gestures are supported:

0.9.0 and over

  • left : Short time skip backward (10sec by default)
  • right : Short time skip forward (10sec by default)
  • left-up : Faster
  • right-up : Slower
  • left-down : Go to previous entry in playlist
  • right-down : Go to next entry in playlist
  • left-right : Play/Pause
  • right-left : Play/Pause
  • up : Volume up
  • down : Volume down
  • up-down : Mute Volume
  • down-up : Mute Volume
  • up-right : Change Audio track
  • down-right : Change Subtitle track
  • up-left : Enter fullscreen mode
  • down-left : Quit VLC


  • left : Go to previous entry in playlist
  • right : Go to next entry in playlist
  • up-right : Enter fullscreen mode
  • down-right : Quit VLC

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