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This page is just a reminder of what the keyboard hotkeys are in the Qt4 Interface.

Action Hotkey Comment
F Toggle fullscreen
ESC Leave fullscreen/close dialogue
space Play/pause
+ Faster
- Slower
= Normal rate
] Faster (fine)
[ Slower (fine)
N Next track
P Previous track
S Stop
T Position/time
Shift + Left Arrow Jump 5 seconds back
Shift + Right Arrow Jump 5 seconds forward
Alt + Left Arrow Jump 10 sec. back
Alt + Right Arrow Jump 10 sec. forward
Control + Left Arrow Jump 1 minute back
Control + Right Arrow Jump 1 minute forward
Control + Alt + Left Arrow Jump 5 minutes back
Control + Alt + Right Arrow Jump 5 minutes forward
E Next frame 1.0 and over
Enter Select menu entry (DVD)
Arrows Navigate menus (DVD)
Shift + M Disc menu
Shift + O Title prev
Shift + B Title next
Shift + P Chapter prev
Shift + N Chapter next
Ctrl + Q Quit
Ctrl + Up Arrow Volume up
Ctrl + Down Arrow Volume down
M Mute
H Subtitle delay up
G Subtitle delay down
Shift + H history forward Subtitle sync / bookmark audio timestamp
Shift + J Subtitle sync / bookmark subtitle timestamp
Shift + K Subtitle sync / synchronize audio & subtitle timestamps
Ctrl + Shift + K Subtitle sync / reset audio & subtitle synchronization
K Audio delay up OR next subtitle-track (or none) (??????????????)
J Audio delay down
B Cycle audio track
Shift + A Cycle audio device
Alt + V video menu Cycle subtitle track in reverse order English translation
V Cycle subtitle track
Shift + V Toggle subtitles
X Cycle next program Service ID
Shift + X Cycle previous program Service ID
A Cycle aspect ratio
C Cycle cropping ratio
O original video size toggle autoscaling pads video by adding black borders
Alt + O Increase scale factor
Alt + Shift + O Decrease scale factor
D cycle deinterlace filters Toggle deinterlacing
Shift + D Cycle deinterlace modes
I interface show Show controller in fullscreen
Shift + S Snapshot
Shift + R Record
Z cycle zoom Zoom
Shift + Z Un-zoom
W Wallpaper only works with video output DirectX
Alt + R Crop one pixel from the top of the video
Alt + Shift + R Uncrop one pixel from the top of the video
Alt + D Crop one pixel from the left of the video
Alt + Shift + D Uncrop one pixel from the left of the video
Alt + C Crop one pixel from the bottom of the video
Alt + Shift + C Uncrop one pixel from the bottom of the video
Alt + F Crop one pixel from the right of the video
Alt + Shift + F Uncrop one pixel from the right of the video
R Random
L loop Normal/loop/repeat
Page Up Shrink the viewpoint of view (360 °)
Page Down Expand the viewpoint of view (360 °)
Alt + 1 1:4 quarter
Alt + 2 1:2 half
Alt + 3 1:1 original
Alt + 4 2:1 double
Ctrl + F1 Set playlist bookmark 1
Ctrl + F2 Set playlist bookmark 2
Ctrl + F3 Set playlist bookmark 3
Ctrl + F4 Set playlist bookmark 4
Ctrl + F5 Set playlist bookmark 5
Ctrl + F6 Set playlist bookmark 6
Ctrl + F7 Set playlist bookmark 7
Ctrl + F8 Set playlist bookmark 8
Ctrl + F9 Set playlist bookmark 9
Ctrl + F10 Set playlist bookmark 10
F1 Play playlist bookmark 1
F2 Play playlist bookmark 2
F3 Play playlist bookmark 3
F4 Play playlist bookmark 4
F5 Play playlist bookmark 5
F6 Play playlist bookmark 6
F7 Play playlist bookmark 7
F8 Play playlist bookmark 8
F9 Play playlist bookmark 9
F10 Play playlist bookmark 10
Ctrl + W Clear the playlist
Ctrl + 0 Reset subtitles scale
Ctrl + Mouse wheel up Scale down subtitles text
Ctrl + Mouse wheel down Scale up subtitles text
Ctrl + A Advanced controls
Ctrl + B Bookmarks
Ctrl + C Open capture device
Ctrl + D Open disc
Ctrl + E Extended settings
Ctrl + F Open Folder/Directory
Ctrl + H Hide/show menus a.k.a Minimal view, like in Acrobat Reader
Ctrl + I Media Information
Ctrl + J Codecs Information
Ctrl + L Hide/Show playlist
Ctrl + M Messages
Ctrl + N Open network stream
Ctrl + O Open File
Ctrl + P Preferences
Ctrl + R Convert/Save
Ctrl + S Streaming
Ctrl + T Goto Time
Ctrl + U Dock/Undock playlist
Ctrl + V Paste Location/Paste MRL
Ctrl + Shift + W VLM configurator
Ctrl + X Load playlist
Ctrl + Y Save playlist
Shift + G History back[Please check this]
Alt + A Audio menu English translation
Alt + H Help menu English translation
Alt + I View menu English translation
Alt + L Playback menu English translation
Alt + M Media menu English translation
Alt + S Tools menu English translation
Alt + T tools menu Subtitle menu English translation
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