HD-Discs codecs

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HD-Disc codecs support
Codec VLC 1.0 VLC 1.1 VLC 1.2 VLC 3.0.6 Remarks
H.264 Yes Yes Yes GPU acceleration recommended
VC-1 Partial Partial Partial VC-1 Interlaced isn't ready
MPEG-2 Yes Yes Yes FFmpeg or libmpeg2
EAC3 Yes Yes Yes FFmpeg, libavcodec > 52.0
TrueHD Yes Yes Yes FFmpeg, libavcodec > 52.40
DTS Core Yes Yes Yes libdca or FFmpeg
DTS-HD Master Audio No No No Core is played
Blu-Ray Subtitles No Yes, libavcodec > 52.40 Yes FFmpeg
HD-DVD Subtitles No No No
HD-DVD Files (.evo) No No No
Blu-Ray folders Partial Partial Partial
Discs No No Partial