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Module: mkv
Type Access
First VLC version 0.6.0
Last VLC version -
Operating system(s) all
Description Matroska stream demuxer
Shortcut(s) mka, mkv
  • mkv-use-ordered-chapters <boolean> : Play chapters in the order specified in the segment default value: enabled
  • mkv-use-chapter-codec <boolean> : Use chapter codecs found in the segment default value: enabled
  • mkv-preload-local-dir <boolean> : Preload matroska files in the same directory to find linked segments (not good for broken files) default value: enabled
  • mkv-seek-percent <boolean> : Seek based on percent not time default value: disabled
  • mkv-use-dummy <boolean> : Read and discard unknown EBML elements (not good for broken files) default value: disabled
  • mkv-preload-clusters <boolean> : Find all cluster positions by jumping cluster-to-cluster before playback default value: disabled

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