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Video output

Module: image
Type Video output
First VLC version 0.8.2
Last VLC version 0.9.10
Operating system(s) all
Description Outputs the video images to files
Shortcut(s) -

In VLC 1.0.0 the image video output was rewritten into a video-filter named scene, and the old image video output was removed.

Trivia: the help text was never changed after this commitdiff changed the default values of unsigned integers --image-out-width and --image-out-height from -1 to 0—there was little point in fixing the help text for a deprecated module in software not yet publicly released! The coding error is absent from the current module, scene.

Option aliases --image-width for --image-out-width and --image-height for --image-out-height were deprecated in 0.9.0.


  • image-out-format <string> {png,jpeg} : Format of the output images default value: png
  • image-out-width <integer> : You can enforce the image width. By default VLC will adapt to the video characteristics default value: 0
  • image-out-height <integer> : You can enforce the image height. By default VLC will adapt to the video characteristics default value: 0
  • image-out-ratio <integer> : Ratio of images to record. 3 means that one image out of three is recorded default value: 3
  • image-out-prefix <string> : Prefix of the output images filenames. Output filenames will have the "prefixNUMBER.format" form. Starting with VLC 0.9.0 you can also use format time and meta variables default value: img
  • image-out-replace <boolean> : Always write to the same file instead of creating one file per image. In this case, the number is not appended to the filename default value: disabled


Module: image
Type Access demux
First VLC version -
Last VLC version -
Operating system(s) all
Description Image demuxer
Shortcut(s) -


  • image-id <integer> : Set the ID of the elementary stream default value: -1
  • image-group <integer> : Set the group of the elementary stream default value: 0
  • image-decode <boolean> : Decode at the demuxer stage default value: enabled
  • image-chroma <string> : If non empty and image-decode is true, the image will be converted to the specified chroma default value: ""
  • image-duration <float> : Duration in seconds before simulating an end of file. A negative value means an unlimited play time default value: 10
  • image-fps <string> : Frame rate of the elementary stream produced default value: 10/1
  • image-realtime <boolean> : Use real-time mode suitable for being used as a master input and real-time input slaves default value: disabled

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