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The modules of 'access_demux' capability are designed to handle the access and part of the demux stage in the same module.

Therefore, you are required to read access and demux pages before going on.

An access-demuxer could be seen as a demuxer that handles the access at the same time.

In an access-demuxer, the stream s is null.

Examples of access-demuxer are DVD, Bluray, v4l2 modules.

Write an access-demux module

To write an access_demuxer module, start by reading the introduction to module writing.

Then, you should specify your module of being of access_demux type:

set_capability( "access_demux", 60 )
set_category( CAT_INPUT )
set_subcategory( SUBCAT_INPUT_ACCESS )

Functions to implement

After implementing Open() and Close() functions, you will need to implement a few majors features that will be implemented by your functions.

As you can see in demux, you should define:

After implementing those functions, you should assign them to the corresponding pf_ function.

See include/vlc_demux.h and include/vlc_access.h


Demux in access_demux is a bit different than in a demux module, because all the seeking and access of the stream is internal to the module.


 int (*pf_demux)  ( demux_t * ); 


It should return 0 for EOF, something positive when success and something negative when fail to demux.

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